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Building Delicious Relationships

My favourite author Gary Chapman of the “The Five Love Languages” book says:

Our most basic human emotional need is not to fall in love but to be genuinely loved by another, to know a love that grows out of reason and choice not instinct.

When I read that statement, everything fell into place for me. I understood that it is up to us to choose one another …every… single… day… to create the relationship, the marriage, the life that we want.

My former husband and I didn’t. We didn’t consciously choose each other…every…single…day…

We were too busy demolishing what we built, blaming each other, sacrificing what was important to ourselves as individuals in order to appease the other, pushing expectations for happiness and fulfilment from the other, not getting it and in return growing the resentment that finally broke us apart. We loved each other, however, that wasn’t enough. We didn’t have or were even aware of the important foundations necessary to fall back on when adversity reared its ugly head during our 21 year marriage.

Throughout all this emotional upheaval I decided to make it my mission to understand why it didn’t work. I spent time studying with the best of the best. Tony Robbins, Blair Singer, Mack Newton, T Harv Eker and many more. I never wanted it to happen again as it was way too painful and wanted to heal.

Gary also says in his book “For love, we climb mountains, cross seas, traverse desert sands and endure untold hardships. Without love, mountains become unclimbable, seas uncrossable and desserts unbearable and hardship our lot in life.”

This begs the question “What is love?” I asked myself that questions many times and then at 18,885 feet at Stella Point on Mt Kilimanjaro I found my answer. My definition of love is acceptance and forgiveness. I learned to accept and forgive myself, my parents and my former partner. What is your definition of love? 

As I was literally a few feet away from the summit, I couldn’t move anymore, I was frozen, hurting, breathing hard at that high altitude, tired and was ready to throw in the towel. I asked myself “Why am I here? Why am I doing this? What am I supposed to learn here?” I realised that as I was climbing my mountain, my purpose is to help others climb theirs, especially when it gets really hard and everything seems so futile. 

I decided to make reducing the divorce rate my mission.

I’m not your average relationship coach, I am a Relationship Architect. So, what is a relationship architect you ask…?  An architect is uniquely positioned to improve life on numerous levels for couples by designing their dream home. I am uniquely positioned to empower couples to design their dream relationship. In both cases the most important element is the foundation. I designed the AKRA methodology which is our foundational program. Whereby, the storms of life will ebb and flow, yet the foundations and the roots of a relationships can weather this if they are grounded in the soil of good communication, positive attitudes, personal responsibility, and a Code of Honour.

This is transformational work where you’re required to commit 100% to your life and go all in, no matter what! Freedom, romance and mutual fulfilment in your close relationships are the core goals which inspire me as a Relationship Architect.

Imagine creating and rebuilding your intimate relationship to be passionate without the fear of being rejected, criticised or controlled. I create a safe space in my experiential program in which you and your partner regain your dignity, connection and individual and shared dreams. Using my unique AKRA method, you will be immersed in a journey of self-discovery in order to build a more alive and connected relationship – decide which style of home you wish your relationship to be? Throughout this journey we will consider how raising awareness of self and your partner leads to the establishment of your fundamental principles for living and your core values?

“The ultimate key to creating and experiencing an extraordinary, fulfilling relationship … is to first work on you…to constantly strive to strip away your fears, to be more of who you really are at your core and to decide to focus on what you can give to your partner.”
- Anthony Robbins

At the heart of this learning journey, you and your partner will discover what are the areas of dissonance in your personal values, and then construct a ‘Code of Honour’. This Code of Honour will provide protection for you and your partner as well as the necessary boundaries to ensure that compromising your individual and shared values is a thing of the past!

I am constantly honoured to witness the ripple effect of this process. My clients are thrilled with quantum leaps in their levels of workplace enjoyment, peak performance and high productivity.  However, the most gratifying part for me is to witness their joyful interactions with their family and the awakened, delicious and passionate relationships with their partners.

I don’t believe in providing advice that is not based on real Life experience. As I mentioned above, I have undergone my own crisis of a 21 year broken marriage. This created in me the burning desire to empower others to not experience the same devastating emotional pain, the financial stress of a divorce, and repercussions in the lives of the unspoken casualties – the Children.

As you step into this new mindset and space, your own transformation will serve society by creating a ripple effect through the next generation, be it your children or those that you inspire, and how they show up in the world?

I believe it is you who are responsible to be a great example and role model for your children, and demonstrate how healthy relationships can overcome adversity and disagreements. So that further down the track, your children enjoy mutually beneficial relationship with balanced levels of give and take. Now is the time to explore how YOU can reignite passion in your relationship and your life!

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