Success Stories

Chris & Nadiene Konopka

When I was Kid Vintage business Owners
Cohuna, Australia

Our dream to live in the country, run our own business and have Chris’s son live with us full time has come to fruition. Life is Great!

My husband and I started working with Annie about two years ago. I was interested in doing a goal setting program so that my husband and I could ensure that we were working to a common goal.

It’s often easy to set individual goals but working on a business together, it was important to me that we found where we were not aligned so that we could explore how we could best leverage off each other’s strengths to get the very best outcome.

When we did the goal setting program, we were able to identify our strengths, finding clarity of direction and set out some non-negotiable values, boundaries and behaviours. The goals we initially set were individual goals however, in the past two years we have had consistent growth and have achieved many of the goals we set.

We have grown as a couple and also with the business. One of my main goals was around self-talk as I have had a lifetime of berating myself. With Annie’s help I have been able to quieten this voice and also question my motives, hard wired beliefs and ideals. The work I did with Annie has started a journey to self-discovery and I’m extremely grateful for her assistance.


Dan Kuss

Success Coach
Adelaide, Australia

Late last year I reached out to Annie for help as our relationship was drifting apart. We worked on a whole bunch of things, like values, setting goals, carving out ‘us time’ for rituals like Presence and one-on-one time.  

We actually talk now — about us!

The key part of this was accountability. Being accountable to a process that Annie developed with me and sticking to it. Because of this process, a key breakthrough for me occurred when we created an environment for open conversation.

Now we feel connected, the weekends are more exciting, we do more things as a family, and are actually falling in love again. It does take effort, humility, and vulnerability, and it is well worth the effort.

Annie thanks for helping us to reconnect and strengthen not only our relationship but our family unit as well.


Martina Potocar

Associate Director

 I can’t thank Annie enough. Our relationship has not only gotten back on track but its morphed into something more special than I thought was possible. Not only that, but our individual mindsets have blossomed into being less defensive and more open. As an individual I’m on my own path of self-discovery and strength and not only has it positively affected my perspective on my life and future, but it changed the dynamic of my partnership which was vastly far from where it is now.

As a woman you want to be seen, heard, appreciated. I didn’t have any of those things in my relationship. He felt controlled, criticised and underappreciated. We felt unloved, invisible and were headed for Splitsville after 7 years and a baby. We felt, nothing we did worked or was “good enough”, we tried it all we thought.

Annie showed us how working on ourselves individually in coordination with using love languages, developing habits of gratitude and ultimately understanding “no one hurts you but you” made all the difference. We were massively sceptical and literally broke up midway, but things shifted. Our minds opened, we welcomed change and began to understand each other more.

Now he surprises me, we speak in our love languages, we practice healthy communication and presence, rituals and created our code of honour. I feel more open and trusting.

No more victim stories, just intimacy and trust and a deep feeling of commitment and love.

It’s not easy but now when we fight, we get stronger together instead of pulled apart and that “in love” feeling has come swooping back.

Thank you, Annie, you have literally changed our lives.


Ema Muir

Founder & Empower Coach, Unique Phoenix
Melbourne, Australia

Coaching sessions with Annie are always inspiring and enlightening. She has the ability to see beyond what is shown and see who I really am, with a relaxed and open approach to all of our calls. There is always something new that Annie can help support and bring out in me, assisting me to find strength in my vulnerabilities and allowing me the space to explore them.

I have had the opportunity to work with Annie over a number of years in various fields and every time I always come away feeling my best version of where I am, being able to fully own who I am. Through the coaching relationship Annie has helped me see the very best of myself, helped me accept it and supported me through the steps to shine in who I am. 

I would highly recommend Annie Kallis to anyone who wanted to take the next step, in fact take any step, Annie will certainly help you get where you want to be.


Yoram Baltinester

Founder, Decisive Action Workshops
San Diego, California, USA

 Annie Kallis has an unyielding desire to help people get off of their story and take a stand for their lives, their relationships and their vision for themselves. Annie will tell you things as they are, even if it makes the conversation uncomfortable. She does that with a pure intention for you to see things differently, have a breakthrough and the feedback she gives is very clear and helpful.

How do I know all that?

Because I have been on the receiving side of Annie’s feedback and it gave me tremendous value, EVERY time, without ever failing. It allowed me to break through my barriers and heal all sorts of aspects in my relationships.

I would seek Annie’s coaching any day of the week and I recommend that you do too.