What is it?

Every time I think about it, I either cry or I smile. I search for the shape of it in the rocks on a mountain or the shapes of the clouds when I fly over them. I find an analogy/representation of it in everything around me: a hole in the clouds, steel scrubber, an island in the Whitsundays, decorator items, leaves of a clover, print in a dress, clip in the hair. There have been millions of songs written about it in every language conceivable and I hear the sweet melody of it whenever I listen to music.

The most memorable movies have been made about it and the biggest mythical stories have been written about it. We yearn for the happy ending of that movie as it makes us feel good & get cheesed off if it doesn’t end right. It makes the world go around and it is one of the most fundamental human needs. It makes you cry from the loss of it, it makes you smile & laugh from the joy & excitement of it. And it makes you lose your breath from the intensity of it.

It makes you feel invincible, beautiful, sexy, seems like everything falls into place when you have it, you ride the wave of the ascension that comes with it and you worry about the fact that it might stop because it feels so darn good. You inhale the joy of it and it feels you up with the deliciousness of it. It makes you do things you’ve never dared to do before as it makes you feel huge and untouchable. It satisfies your soul, and you feel full. No emptiness! Just simply completeness.

You enjoy celebrating it, you can express it many different ways, it is all you have that is yours that you can give yourself and others, can’t live without it as your soul is at home when you have it, it is what you turn to for comfort & security, it gets better and better with time. It leads the way from now to all eternity & beyond.

Have you guessed what it is??? 

YES, you are correct  


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