Love is Like Tango

Business is like a dance. A dance between two people, two departments, two companies. You engage in the dance of creativity, with passion and desire, with purpose and on mission with the vision of the future always in your mind. Business has a rhythm, has its own moves and direction. Sometimes it’s eclectic, all over the place, sometimes it’s structured, like the “Bus Stop”, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s fast like an “Ukrainian Kolomeyka”. 

With all that said, doing business on your own, with yourself will get you nowhere. Therefore, business is always like a Tango. It takes two to do it!

Can you relate to that?


Now that I have your attention! 

Talking about business and using different types of analogies is easy. Everyone can connect to it, see it, imagine it and relate to it.


If I would have started this article about Relationships with an intimate partner, would you have kept on reading? Hmmmmm?

Now read the first paragraph again and replace the word “business” with “marriage”.

My question to you is: “Why, is it that the dance of life doesn’t happen at home with the most important person in your life….Your partner?”….Oooooohhhh….now I get the deer in the headlight look……

See…it’s like this…..

Tango is known as the dance of passion. It resembles the relationship between two people that are connected as it is not a dance for one, it takes two people to make it work. 

Watching people dance tango can take your breath away because it takes you to a place of want, desire, passion, respect, love, intimacy, trust & rhythm. There is an absolute presence to the contact, holding each other firmly & moving in unison, feeling the next step by being very aware physically, making intertwined movements that sometimes seem so complex one thinks that the legs would trip over each other…. and then they don’t. The more one practices at this, the better one becomes…. 

Just like in life, the more you communicate with your partner, the more present you are, the more connected you become and the more you flow with each other through the relationship. It takes a lot of hard work at times, tears and even heart ache, however it is all worth it, as there is contentment, love, happiness & your own dance in the long run.

So tonight, when you go home after a hard days work….take your partner in your arms and do a twirl, a dip and look them in the eyes….deeply…..the way you once used to…….

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