The Power of Presence

“My partner is not present!” With many of my clients, this is a recurring statement. As they utter these words, the partner sits there with a bewildered look on their face as they have no idea what the other is talking about. Have you been the one being on the receiving end or the one feeling it? So what does all of this mean? It means that what you really feel is that you are …

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Love is Like Tango

Business is like a dance. A dance between two people, two departments, two companies. You engage in the dance of creativity, with passion and desire, with purpose and on mission with the vision of the future always in your mind. Business has a rhythm, has its own moves and direction. Sometimes it’s eclectic, all over the place, sometimes it’s structured, like the “Bus Stop”, sometimes it’s slow, sometimes it’s fast like an “Ukrainian Kolomeyka”.  With …

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Dear Mr. Fear

Dear Mr FEAR, This is like a Dear John letter Mr Fear because I want to break up with you. I had ENOUGH! Are you surprised? Well, too bad! I know, I know…we’ve been together for so long… I can’t take it anymore. You keep on trying to stop me from fulfilling on my dreams, from being the free spirit that I am, constantly questioning myself, feeling emotionally, mentally aaaaaand physically paralysed every time I …

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